The fresh cut flower market, which includes indoor plants, is worth £2.2 billion at retail level according to the UK Flowers & Plants Association. That’s bigger than the UK music industry, which is worth around £2 billion. Nearly 60 percent of that £2.2 billion represents those who buy flowers and plants for their own homes, a big change from when most customers in the UK bought flowers for special occasions only.

It seems that people are acknowledging the beauty that fresh flowers and plants bring to their homes and offices, and realising that flowers don’t have to be saved just for weddings, anniversaries and other once-a-year occasions. Indeed, flowers can grace any space on any day, and if you’re one of those who love having flowers around, you’re probably wondering how to save on your UK flower purchases so you can have the company of beautiful blooms all year round. Here are some tips to do just that.

wedding bouquet

Order flowers online using coupon codes.

There are many flower companies that have taken their business online, offering a wide range of pre-arranged bouquets and boxes of flowers for delivery by post or courier. Ordering online is a convenient way of getting your flowers delivered straight to your doorstep and also lets you save money on purchases when you use coupon codes. Make sure you use voucher codes for by checking out this link:

Coupon codes, found at voucher websites and sometimes through the company’s official website, can be applied to get lower prices, discounts on floral subscriptions and even free delivery on bouquets and other flower gifts.

Visit a nearby flower farm or local farmer’s market.

Another way to save on your flower purchases is to go straight to the source. If there’s a flower farm nearby, check it out to see which flower varieties are available. You’ll be sure to get them fresh and at the lowest price.

If there isn’t any flower farm around, your next best option is to head over to the farmers’ market or a local floral district, where flowers from the farm are taken before they are distributed to retail florists. You’ll find a wider variety of flowers sold at low prices, and some sellers even do floral arrangements on-site.

Floral districts are also a good place to purchase vases, pots, foliage, floral foam and other materials if you’re keen on making your home floral arrangements yourself.


Choose flowers in season.

If visiting a farmer’s market or local farm would mean several hours on the road for you, it would be more practical to talk to a local florist instead about flowers in season. Choosing flowers that are abundant and easily obtained would let you save money on your UK flower purchases because you won’t have to shoulder the cost of transporting your flowers.

If you like having fresh blooms in your home every week, you can make arrangements with a local florist, who would most likely agree to a package deal similar to a floral subscription. Let the florist know how much you’re willing to pay for a bouquet every week and let them surprise you with what they have on hand. This lets you stay in control of how much you spend on flowers, especially if you already have a set budget and want to save on your flowers.